Today, I want to share an exciting story centered around my workplace, Planetek Italia, and its recent publication of the 2022 Impact Report. This document reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and the crucial role each of us can play in caring for our extraordinary planet.

As a company involved in space, we understand how precious Earth is from this privileged vantage point. Space is the best place to care for our planet, appreciate its beauty, and comprehend the challenges it faces. Every day, satellite images show us the Earth’s evolution, including climate change, deforestation, and other environmental issues. However, we cannot afford to passively observe. Each of us must recognize the Earth’s issues and do our part.

Benefit Corporation: Responsibility and Different Action

As companies, we can no longer afford to focus solely on profits, ignoring the impact of our actions on the environment and society. We must act differently. That’s why choosing to become a Benefit Corporation has been a virtuous choice for Planetek Italia.

Becoming a Benefit Corporation means that a company commits to consider not only the interests of shareholders but also those of the individuals, community and the environment. This commitment translates into a broader social responsibility and concrete actions to improve society and the Earth itself. Benefit Corporation implement policies and initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact, supporting local communities, and promoting sustainability.

Sustainability Reports: A Crucial Tool

One of the primary strategies for measuring the commitment of Benefit Corporations to caring for the Earth is the adoption of sustainability reports. These reports go beyond the traditional financial balance sheet and take into account the social and environmental impacts of business activities. They measure carbon emissions, natural resource management, community engagement, and much more.

The publication of a transparent and accurate sustainability report is a way to demonstrate a company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It accounts for progress made and challenges yet to be faced.

Sustainability and Social Commitment: The Model of Planetek Italia

In Planetek Italia , for example, our strategies have focused on three key pillars: the well-being of our employees, support for the local community, and global action for the environment.

In detail:

  • For Employee Well-being, we have implemented a corporate welfare plan to ensure a healthy and sustainable working environment. These efforts contributed to Planetek Italia being recognized as the Welfare Champion 2022 third-place winner and industry leader.
  • For the Local Community, we promote culture and the arts by supporting the “Teatri di Bari” Cooperative. Additionally, we offer e-learning programs and free courses to help members of our local community develop their skills and professional growth.
  • On a Global Scale, we participated in the Challenge against Hunger, actively engaging in the global fight against hunger. We continue to reduce our ecological footprint by adopting measures to preserve our planet for future generations.

If you want to learn more, browse through Planetek Italia ‘s 2022 Corporate Impact Report and make our planet the focal point of your corporate missions, contributing to the construction of a better world.

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