Very often, I am asked, “Is it possible to see a bridge collapse, such as the Morandi bridge from space?”

My answer is always the same. Satellite-derived intelligence allows today to move from a single bridge monitored to an entire network of roads and bridges monitored over time.

Nowadays, the potential of space data to boost the resilience of critical entities is being increasingly supported and recognized by regional and local authorities. Earth Observation produces an impact on different operational scenarios, ranging from planning, construction, post-construction, and maintenance phase. Enabling the adoption of EO-based services means we have to consider user needs, regulations, and standard processes for each of these scenarios. In addition, to better support the decision-making process, different technology and techniques should work together, considering different layers of information fused together, possibly by a unique tool.

This need can be reflected today in a user-friendly design of the solution.

If you want to learn more, read my article and watch the “Space 4 Critical Infrastructures” session, organized by NEREUS Association, where, together with other experts we reflected on the collapse of the Morandi Bridge.

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