When I started my experience in the Earth observation sector, I had no idea how crucial EO is in protecting our environment, managing our resources, responding to global humanitarian disasters, and enabling sustainable development. It was even more exciting when I came across satellite monitoring services that still allow us to defend one of the most important goods of the planet: water.

How can EO technology defend water?

Today, roughly 1.000 satellites are dedicated to Earth observation and continuous monitoring of our planet. They are collecting different types of data, such as optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery. More and more, utilities are adopting these data to derive accurate information about the situation on the ground and make data-driven decisions.

Earth observation helps us control the sewage and water pipeline networks supporting the implementation of the ecological and digital transition of the integrated water cycle, which refers to managing the water supply network, the sewerage system, and water treatment. In this way, it provides insight into the conservation and maintenance of the most important good on the Earth.

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